I’m Not as Blind as I Thought I Was

Meridian, Idaho

We got DirectTV yesterday. Included in our package is HD–high definition–for all of our TVs.


We’ve never had HD before. We’d seen it at other people’s houses, but I guess we never paid that much attention to it then because we were too busy visiting…

WOW–are we shocked at how clear everything is on TV now. 🙂

For example, we watched a commercial for the new San Andreas movie.

On Dish, where we didn’t have HD because we would have had to pay more for it, the commercial looked somewhat like this:


With HDTV it looks more like this:

maxresdefaultI had no idea how much differently things would look in HD. Amazing.

All this time, I thought I needed better glasses.

I just needed to get a better satellite package or cough up more money for a better picture.  🙂