Bundles of Pains…

Meridian, Idaho

We’ve been working on getting Internet and television ordered for our new home.

After much research and discussion we finally decided to go with one company that will allow us to get Internet from them and pay for my cell phone from another company and pay for satellite television from yet another company all at one time. One check for three different companies.

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It sounds good based on what the salespeople are telling us, and I’m sure we will love it once we have it all set up.

But here’s the part I’m having trouble with: we get $5 to $10 off of each of the three components of the total bill because all three services are ‘bundled’ within one company.

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It appears that my cell service company and our satellite television company don’t want the hassle of collecting our money or dealing with us, so they are each willing to cut our bills up to $10 a month if we pay them through the Internet company.

The only thing I can figure is that customers are a pain in the butt.

So much so that companies are willing to offer bundling with another company to customers and literally PAY them to stay away. 😉