Romeo + Juliette

Meridian, Idaho

I got quite an eyeful last night while sitting on the back porch.

Two robins, Romeo and Juliette, had a little fling. Actually they had FIVE flings within about three minutes. 🙂

download (4)While watching their trysts, a couple of noteworthy things happened.

After their initial coupling, the male flew about twenty feet away. The female bounced towards him about four times cutting that distance in half. Then she just stared at Romeo and waited.

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He paused about thirty seconds, all the time staring back at Juliette, and then flew back for another special visit.

Their staring pauses were almost the equivalent of each having a cigarette… 🙂

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This was repeated until they had a total of five cigarettes.

Then after the Romeo flew away the fifth time, Juliette turned around started looking for worms. She must have gotten the munchies.

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And, apparently, the honeymoon was over.

He came back and tried to share dinner with her by nibbling on her worm.

But she took it and flew away never to be seen again…

I wondered:

If Romeo had brought Juliette a new worm instead of trying to eat hers, would he have been rewarded rather than dumped?

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