Meridian, Idaho

I received the following text the other day:

Kathy-just saw your ad for bar stools on Craigslist.  Is there anything wrong with them?

This came from a woman who eventually bought the bar stools.

The text fascinated me because she expected me to tell her the truth.

I had already indicated twice on the posting that the chairs were in “excellent” condition and they were.

It surprised me that she thought that I might have lied in the post but that I would tell her the truth if she asked.


Her expectations were that people told the truth when she asked them questions.

While she might expect that, reality might be very different.

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As I get older, I’m finding that I have fewer and fewer expectations that things will work out a specific way. And, more importantly, I rarely expect that people react to things the way I think they will.

Reminds me of an exchange in Pretty Woman:

Edward: “It’s just that very few people surprise me.”

Vivian: “Yeah, well, you’re lucky. Most of them shock the hell out of me.”

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