Jane Goodall Moments

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Rich walks Sophie first thing every morning, and I take her last thing every night.

I think I’ve got the better time slot.

Walking around the park after the sun sets allows me to peek inside RVs and park models to see what people are doing. Most either have doors open and/or windows uncurtained.

So each night I have my own series of Jane Goodall moments.

imagesHere’s what I’ve observed:

Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday balloons are displayed outside so that everyone knows you got a gift.

Men do more dinner dishes than women.


Women surf the Internet while men change channels continuously on the television.

Women read books more while men take more cat naps on the couch.

images (1)

Oh, and the smaller the dog, the more it barks. 🙂

Barking-dachshund images (2)

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    1. When I was at Boise State, we had to move into other offices during a remodel. It gave us a different view of more students. Once there was a demonstration of some sorts going on and all of one work group was watching intently. I casually walked by and asked, “Enjoying your Jane Goodall moment?” Only the group’s boss got it and she laughed so hard she choked on her coffee… 🙂

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