Crime in the Neighborhood!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Shocking news from our neighborhood:

There is a criminal in our midst!


The victims felt that this theft was serious enough to warrant a call to the local sheriff’s office who sent a Citizen on Patrol in an official car to take statements.

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 While you might think that the criminal would be stealing jewelry or other valuables from these wealthy retirees, you’d be wrong.

He (or she) is stealing “do not poop here” signs. At least a half dozen of them.


Within our park, there are definitive pet zones. Pets are allowed in about half the park, and that’s including both cats and dogs.

I’m not sure if parakeets or guppies are allowed in no pet zones. 🙂

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There are some residents who live within pet areas that are not happy about Rover or Fluffy (a surprising number of people walk their cats daily) using their lot as a private bathroom.

I get that, but they are renting or leasing the lot. They don’t own it, so I’m not sure if they have the right to ask pet owners to tell Miss Kitty to walk crossed legged on her daily walk past the lot.

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PS No word on how the actual criminal hunt is going. I know the first person I would look into is the woodworker who is making the signs and selling them in the resort gift shop. Perhaps they aren’t selling fast enough. 🙂