Be the B*tch First

Gold Canyon, Arizona

As I’ve said before, Sophie’s not a very nice dog to other dogs.

She’s friendly as can be to people, but she’s a bitch (no pun intended) to other dogs.


Doesn’t matter if they are male or female. She wants to be the boss and play her way which is very aggressively.


Side story to set the punch line:

I once had a sister-in-law who I had difficulty getting along with until I figured her out. If I approached her nicely at a family gathering, she’d nail me and be a bitch for the rest of the event.

Finally out of desperation I decided to try something else. At the start of the next family gathering, I criticized her for something. Cut her right off at the knees.

Voila! She was ever so pleasant the rest of the gathering that I decided from then on I was always going to …

Be the Bitch First! 


Sophie needs other dogs to treat her exactly that way!

If all other dogs would just prance up to her and knock her right on her butt, she’d be as nice as could be and they’d have all sorts of fun playing.

Alas, very few dogs do that, so Sophie doesn’t get to play with many other dogs because she’s always in this mode: