Pixie Bob

Gold Canyon, Arizona

The other day I met Gracie–a Pixie-Bob cat.


According to The International Cat Association,

The active, social Pixiebob is doglike in its loyal devotion to its family and makes a great companion for children while embracing the company of other pets. They bond strongly with their families and easily learn to fetch and to walk on a harness and leash. While the Pixiebob is an active cat wanting to take part in all your activities, it is also a very laid-back relaxed cat participating calmly in the family. They are an inquisitive, companionable cat that wants to be with you and to communicate with you in their own language of chirps, chitters and the occasional growl.

In the mid 1980’s a cat breeder in Washington state purchased two male cats that had some unique characteristics. They were very large and they were polydactal–had extra toes. She thinks that they were a cross between a domestic cat and a bobcat.

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One of these males mated with a barn cat and produced kittens with tufted ears, naturally bobbed tail, and grey tabby coloring with brown spots.


The breeder kept one female from the litter and named her Pixie. Pixie became the foundation for her program to create this new breed.

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Gracie, the Pixie-Bob I met, is a sweetheart. She sits on command. She’s very playful. And she’s a loving companion for her owners.