Homer’s Cousin Palooza

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Homer’s cousin lives just down the street in Gold Canyon RV Resort.

Both are Palazzo (paw-law-zo)  coaches made by Thor, but they are different models. Palazzo is an Italian word for a large, splendid residence or public building, such as a palace or museum.

Thor markets the Palazzo as a “compact diesel pusher.” Diesel pusher means that the engine, which runs on diesel, is in the back. Compact represents the length of the vehicle which is short compared to other Class A motor homes.

Here’s Homer.


And here’s his bigger and slightly older cousin Palooza (paw-loose-awe).


Homer is a 33.2 model.


We have yet to figure out how the numbering system works for motor homes. Homer is 34 feet long. So the 33 is one number smaller than his overall length. I have no idea what the 2 is for.

Palooza is a 36.1 model.


He is 37 feet long, so that makes sense in that his model number is one number shorter than his overall length. But, again, I have no idea what the 1 is for. See what I mean about the numbering system? It’s almost as weird as pickleball scoring. 🙂

We have met one of Palooza’s owners. (I don’t remember her name, so I’ll call her Cindy for now.) Cindy’s a very nice, albeit slightly odd, woman.  She and her husband travel throughout the year from their home base in Ohio.

Cindy is an AKC certified dog trainer for Good Behavior. I’ve thought about asking her to help with Sophie’s tendency to tackle timid dogs and scare their owners to death. All the toy poodles’ owners would probably chip in for the training costs.



Cindy hasn’t really given her motor home a name; she just calls it “Palooza”. I think she thinks that’s how Palazzo is pronounced. 😉