El Mirage, Arizona

For Christmas I received a great gift from my wonderful friend Sharon.

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Tangle Art: A Meditative Drawing Kit contains everything you need to get started in the playful and inspiring world of tangle art.

Also known as Zen doodling, tangle art is a popular trend that involves drawing repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Each mark is called a “tangle,” and you combine various tangles into patterns to create “tiles” or small square drawings. It is a fun, relaxing way to improve focus, spark creativity, and develop artistic confidence.

I just started tangling a few days ago, and I am really enjoying it.

The kit comes with everything needed to start tangling including detailed instructions for those of us who are scared to make a mistake and therefore delay starting new projects.


I’ve only done a few tangles on paper tiles that came in the kit, but I’ve noticed that I’m feeling more confident each time I tangle.

Perhaps more importantly, my tangling is becoming more free as I draw because I’m losing my sense of perfectionism…

All that being said, comparing my tangles to Sharon’s show that artistic ability counts. Sharon’s an amazing artist in multiple mediums.


But I know that both Sharon and I are enjoying our Zen moments as we tangle. We are relaxed, in the moment, and creative…

Thank you, Sharon, for the wonderful gift!

8 thoughts on “Zentangle!”

  1. OMG! What a wonderful gift and so thoughtful. Homer has made you come out of your comfort zone in so many ways Kathy, and this is one example. You never draw out of the lines probably your whole life!

  2. Wise women gather at this blog…..

    And my favorite meme. Is that what that coloring kid image is called? Love that!

  3. Katherine Getto……I believe you were born to Tangle!!!! Your
    tiles are great. The beauty of Zentangle is that there are no rules,
    anything goes. Perfect for someone like me who has great difficulty coloring inside the lines, both on paper and in life!
    When you are really ready for a challenge……Google ” Zentangle
    Quilts” and take a look. Awwwwsommmme!

    1. Thanks again, Sharon. I’m having a blast, and it’s both calming and insightful.

      And Zentangle quilts… Wow!

      The possibilities are endless…

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