El Mirage, Arizona

I am trying to change the way I process and deal with things.

I’ve been stuck in an endless loop of second guessing and over analyzing my decisions, internal thoughts, and communications with others.

It’s unproductive and annoying.

Time for a change…

I now have the Nike swoosh imprinted on my brain, and repeating Nike’s slogan JUST DO IT! has become my mantra.


This should make things interesting as Rich and I work towards figuring out our next steps… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Swoosh”

  1. But that is who you are. And you are great! It will be interesting if you can change the way you think and analyze. It would be very hard for me, at this age, to start analyzing things!!

    1. These tendencies increased after my bike accident, Lorraine, for several reasons. I’m hopeful to get back to pre-accident thought processes… 🙂

  2. I am not a Nike gal, and my go to brand is Asics. I didn’t know if they had a slogan like Just do it or whatever. I went to their website and all I could find close was “Get her look” with a sultry fit 30ish blonde gal. The only way I could get her look was through lots of airbrushing! Just like she had!

  3. I like the Nike logo better than the Asics one, but I buy my shoes solely based on whatever fits my absurdly high arches, differently sized huge feet, and is cheapest…. I loathe shoe shopping.

    1. Reminds me of taking Richie to buy dress shoes before he left for Montana State. He needed some for football. He was a pill and hated all the shoes, and he said they made him throw up. I told him to pick the ones that didn’t make him throw up twice. 🙂

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