Ford Canyon

El Mirage, Arizona

We went for a fantastic hike yesterday with Dean and Lil in Ford Canyon located in the White Tank Mountains.

Simply stunning…



The views of the Valley of the Sun were amazing with hundreds of saguaro cacti looming large.


Happy hikers, one and all.


I love looking at dedications on park benches. This bench is dedicated to “Hiker Hal” Norris.

“Till we meet on the Heavenly Trail…

You will be in our hearts.”


4 thoughts on “Ford Canyon”

  1. Looks like a great desert hike. Was it a little chilly since everyone has on light jackets? Everyone looks great and happy together! I also love to read all the dedications on benches; park, hospital anywhere there are dedications for people to sit. So much better than flowers. How many calories did you burn according to your FitBit?

    1. Not sure on the calories, Lorraine. I think less than 2000. It was interesting because Lil had more steps but we did about the same distance. And yes, it was a little chilly yesterday–perfect hiking weather. 🙂

  2. I like reading those dedications too! And just love benches randomly in the middle of nowhere. Remember all the ones in Germany?

    Great pictures!

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