Luke Air Force Base

El Mirage, Arizona

Luke Air Force Base is located just down the street aways from our RV resort.

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The base is an active-duty F-16 Fighting Falcon training base with 170 F-16s assigned.

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It also houses a total of 144 F-35A Lightning IIs.

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The airpower these jets provide is amazing and impressive.

They fly Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm.

The noise they make can be overwhelming.

When they fly over during pickleball, we sign the scores. Rich and I don’t even try to talk when they start flying over.

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We just count aircraft to four because that’s how many take off during each round.

Once we count to four, we’ll try to start talking again.

I feel very unpatriotic to say it, but I won’t miss their loudness a bit when we leave this resort on Sunday. 🙂