A Round of Golf

El Mirage, Arizona

Sometimes I am surprised at how little Rich and I are spending on this journey compared to what I thought it would cost.

Sure, we have the huge expense of buying Homer. And then there is the cost of diesel to move from place to place. Homer gets a whopping ten miles per gallon.

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But motor home insurance and registration have been less than we anticipated, and there are a lot of standard expenses we don’t have because we’re homeless: no property taxes, no utilities bills, less than half the auto insurance because we’re down to two cars and one is in storage.

All that being said, we are still incredibly tight with our money on some stuff.

Case in point–we are struggling with paying extra for Internet.

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Actually, I should say were struggling. I’m not struggling anymore…

I started looking at our resort neighbors and most of them golf once a week. And good for them.

imagesSo I got to thinking, I don’t golf and pickleball doesn’t cost me anything for my daily sweat.

What if I pretended I golfed and applied my golf round money toward my Internet cost?

Problem solved. Now I have no problem paying for Internet.

Hmmm… I wonder what else I can justify buying because I don’t play golf… 🙂