El Mirage, Arizona

Wow! Saw some again last night:

Illuminating and decorative lights projected against an RV, trees, cacti, streets, patios. . .

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To learn more about them, I did a ¬†Google search for “illuminating and decorative lights”. Sounded good to me because I had no idea who makes them or what they are called.

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Since coming to Phoenix, I have seen different patterns in blue, green, and red.

The patterns rotate and appear to dance across whatever they are projected on.

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There’s a small projecter that can send the pattern up to about 25′ square before they lose clarity.

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There are a couple of companies I have discovered that make lights that do this including SparkleMagic and BlissLights.

I still need to do some research on where and what to buy, but I know this is one of the first things I’ll buy when we get a home again especially if we buy a place with large trees. I’d use it throughout the year.

Here’s a video from one of the companies that shows how they work: