Mr. Christ

El Mirage, Arizona

Yesterday Carol and I played in a pickleball tournament together.

We had a blast! Won two matches; lost two. Met some wonderful people that I’d love to go to lunch with, and one or two I’d rather not.

Setting the scene for the rest of this post…

There’s a Netflix show called “Orange is the New Black.”


It’s about a group of women in prison.

Piper, the main character, was being bullied by Pennsatucky who is a religious zealot.

Pennsatucky forces Piper to pray an apology for her wrong doings. Pennsatucky watches Piper closely because she knows Piper has no relationship with God.

Piper: Dear Jesus… 

Pennsatucky: That’s awfully familiar for somebody that doesn’t give Him the time of day. 

Piper: Um… Dear Mr. Christ? 

Pennsatucky nods her approval for the change in greeting. 

Piper: Dear Mr. Christ…  

I laughed and laughed when I heard that. 🙂

Back to today’s post…

Carol posted this picture of us on Facebook.


I was shocked at how old we looked and commented, “Jesus Christ! I can’t believe how old we look, Carol.”

Carol, who knows my lack of religious connection with Jesus responded, “That’s Mr. Christ to you, Kathy.”