What Number Are You?

El Mirage, Arizona

There is a lot of “round robin” pickleball play at this resort.


What that means is that we are all assigned a number and then paired off with different partners to play different teams for each game.

Round robins are a great way to get lots of varied play, but they can get a bit confusing because we have to match up with our different playing partners and opponents.

We are continually asking each other, “What number are you?”

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That reminds me of a true story of when Melissa was babysitting our friends’ child Teddy…

Teddy grew up on a dairy ranch and loved everything to do with the cows and ranching, so much so that it was hard for him to go school. He’d rather have been at home with the cows than wasting time at school.


Teddy hated kindergarten so much that he ran to the chain link fence, clung to it, and screamed, “Don’t leave me here!” after his mother dropped him off each morning.

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When Melissa was babysitting him, they were talking about school.

Teddy asked Melissa, “What number are you?”

“What?” Melissa asked, unsure what he meant.

“What number are you?” Teddy repeated. “You know, I’m a zero. Next year, I’ll be a one. What number are you?”

Finally Melissa realized that Teddy was asking what grade she was in.

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“Oh,” she said, “I’m a ten,” indicating that she was a sophomore in tenth grade. “Next year, I’ll be an eleven, and then the year after I’ll finally be a twelve.”

Teddy looked at Melissa with a horrified look and wailed, “You mean it goes ALL the way to TWELVE?”

PS I’m happy to report that Teddy not only made it through twelve, he also complete college and is working with his beloved cows as a dairy farmer. 🙂