One Word

El Mirage, Arizona

I was driving down the street the other day and noticed a car with a bumper sticker on it.


That was the only bumper sticker on the car, and it was just like that.

One word stating (what I’m guessing is) the most important characteristic of the car owner.

One and only one.

So that got me to wondering…

What word would I use to describe myself.

Limiting to just one is very difficult.

I think that the three things that define me the most are the year I was born, the fact that I’m a female, and the affects of having an identical twin.

If I was born in the 1600’s, I would be a totally different person because life itself would be so different (duh) and so short. 🙂

Queen Elizabeth I, Queen regnant of England and Queen regnant of Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death, 7 September 1533

Had I been born a male, I would have a totally different take on life regardless of the era I was born. Just think how different the counter around my bathroom sink would be. 🙂


Being born and raised as an identical twin greatly altered my life because I didn’t individuate from my parents and siblings as early or as completely as a singleton. Well at least that’s what my therapist told me. 🙂


Knowing those three things and how much each of them affects who I am, I’d have to say that were I to put a bumper sticker with just one word to describe myself to others on my car, I’d choose twin.

So, what would your one word be?