Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

El Mirage, Arizona

We moved yesterday from Gold Canyon to El Mirage. Basically we moved from east of Phoenix to west of Phoenix.

There’s a huge cold front throughout most of the USA, and we haven’t escaped it.

There was snow on the Superstition Mountains yesterday morning.


Rich talked with one neighbor who said he hadn’t seen snow that low in over 20 years. Beautiful!

I guess we’ve gotten used to the warmer temperatures because we’re freezing to death.

One of my favorite sayings is appropriate for this weather: “It’s colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra!”

wonder witch 1

And here’s where that saying came from:

In the age of sail, on the cannon deck of a warship, next to each cannon, cannonballs were piled up at the ready, in a pyramid, which the sailors called a witches tit.

It was built on a brass plate with holes cut in to hold the cannonballs from rolling off as the ship listed, rolled and pitched. The sailors called the plate a brass bra.

Because brass expands and contracts with temperature at a greater rate than iron, rare extreme cold on the cannon deck would cause the brass plate to shrink to the point that the cannonballs would be released from the pyramid and roll over the deck. “Colder than a witche’s tit in a brass bra” is a saying that evolved from that phenomenon.

And now you know should that question come up in your next game of Trivial Pursuit. 🙂