We’re Not Crazy

Gold Canyon, Arizona

One of the great things about staying here at Gold Canyon Resort for two months is that we’ve developed friendships that have gone past the superficial level.

We’ve exchanged stories and eventually confided in one another.

The surprising thing is finding out that others, not all but most, are as unsure of what to do as we are.

Harry and Marlene are in their 80’s and they are trying to decide if it’sย time to sell their 2500 square foot home that’s on the shores of Lake Almanor in northern California and move closer to their children.Almanor2

Mike and Debbie are at odds. Debbie thinks it might be time to sell their home in Ohio while Mike wants to keep it. She’s ready to try RV living full time; he’s not so sure.


Wally and Lea are also trying to decide if they should sell one of their two homes. Maybe they will upgrade their Arizona park model to an actual home because they spend most of their time here and more space would be nice.


(Park models are about 400 square feet (14′ by 35′), and most have an ‘Arizona Room’ added on that is either additional living space or a covered patio. In Texas they are called ‘Texas Rooms’.)

The good news for us is that hearing everyone else’s dilemmas has helped us realize that we’re not alone.

We are struggling with deciding how and when to transition back to home ownership. We ping and pong ideas back and forth continuously.

Perhaps it’s time to buy an eight ball… ๐Ÿ™‚



6 thoughts on “We’re Not Crazy”

  1. I really don’t think any of us are alone in anything — just ask and people will tell you they have had family problems for years. Or, should we go or should we stay. I love how we live! Having the home of our dreams to come home to and leave when we want. Although, thats not quite true either. We need to be in TN last week in March and Georgia first week of April. With the price of gas I am ready to leave now!!I I have a question Kathy, and PLS don’t get upset with me asking. I thought you guys were going to “travel” more — did you think so also.? Or do you like staying in one spot for a couple of months?

    1. So happy for you and Jeff, Lorraine! I do think some people question and ponder more. I’ll never forget a coworker telling me, “You change your mind A LOT!” I thought everyone did, but she apparently did not. Ask me any question you want, Lorraine! We thought we were going to travel more as well, but we’re finding out we are not cut out to be full-timers. We still want to travel, but we miss having a home base to go to. Not seeing our kids for either of the holidays was hard. We did find out that we like staying in one spot for a while, and that surprised us both. (Actually I’m fine with it as long as there is pickleball. I’m not sure if I’d like it somewhere that didn’t offer PB or hiking close by.) We are still working on figuring out what’s best for us… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I need a home base too for sure. I need my flowers, seeds, greenhouse, teahouse and green lawn for the puppies to have fun it. It is just so perfect to have what is perfect for us! I could not be any happier than what I am now. Or have been since I met JP. Happy New Year to you two wonderful people.

  2. Love the Google Magic 8 ball! We – well mainly Mike but I am starting to finally agree – have decided to stay where we are and likely forever. It works for us and for Patricia and we like our places. There is a relief with that too. I have much I want to do around the house and inside myself. We are happy here and will be happy staying here.


    1. Good for you guys, Carol. You have the perfect location for y’all! Close but space, too. And it would be so hard for you to leave your birds! Think how much they’d miss you… Your house and your yard are a perfect fit for you! Hugs!

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