No Holding Back

Gold Canyon, Arizona

I had one of my top five pickleball sessions yesterday afternoon.

Amazing fun. Tons of sweat. Lots of learning.

I invited ten of the better players in our park to a play session when no other players would be there.

pickleball images

Yep, I’m a pickleball snob. I wanted a session where we could play fast and slow, hit hard and soft, and use the two most important skills in pickleball: patience and smarts.

Interestingly, as one evolves into a better pickleball player, patience is the most important skill to cultivate.


Patience allows a player to set up a play that will allow her to use her skills to most effectively to win the point.

What was so fun yesterday for all of us is that we didn’t have to hold back at all. Because we were all skilled players, we didn’t restrict ourselves in the ways we do with beginning players.

We could dink (very soft hit just over the net), slam (very hard hit right at your opponent), slice (wicked spin on the ball), and lob (high and soft arc to the back of the court) to our hearts’ content.

Well, we could at least try to sink, slam, slice, and lob. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

And the best thing about pickleball is that it’s fun even when it doesn’t work… 🙂