MacGyver Moment

Gold Canyon, Arizona

I love broiled bread.

Brushed with just a bit of butter, heated under a hot broiler until the butter is melted, the bread is warm, the top crust is toasted, and the rest of the bread is chewy… So delicious!

Farmers-Market-Brunch-9-300x199Alas, there is no way to broil in Homer.

There is a convection/microwave combination that does it’s job well, but it’s just not geared to cook some of my favorite things the way I want.

A Facebook friend posted a link to an article in the San Francisco Globe about 7 Different Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron.

That got me thinking and having my own little MacGyver Moment…


So we bravely went to Walmart yesterday and elbowed our way through all the other crazy people stupid enough to go there on the Saturday after Christmas to buy a waffle iron. 


Last night we had some delicious Anasazi beans with Waffled Toast!


It was so good that it was almost worth waiting seven months since my last broiled bread…

1227141730Stay tuned for more Waffle-Creations…