Are You My Mother?

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Bear with me, Gentle Blog Reader, because it is going to take me a few minutes to set the scene for this post.

For one of my business classes, I had to read a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald called “The Last Tycoon”. I don’t remember much about the book other than it was about a Los Angeles-based business man who had a college-aged daughter.


She unexpectedly saw her father on a sidewalk in New York City, but she didn’t recognize him at first because he acted and behaved so differently than she was used to. It startled her to realize that she really didn’t know her father as well as she thought she did.

On Saturday night we went to a Christmas dinner dance here at the RV resort. We had a great time visiting with wonderful people, eating delicious food, and enjoying fun music!

At one point during the evening, Debbie asked me, “Are your kids ever surprised by what you’re doing in your life right now?” My answer, “Yes!” Hers are, too. (Heck, Rich and I are surprised by what we’re doing, but that’s a subject for another post… 🙂 )

So like the Last Tycoon’s daughter, our children may not know us as well as they thought they did.

As the evening wore on, more wine was consumed. Laughter and voices grew louder and louder. Faster songs started getting more dancers than slow songs. And couples started swapping dance partners.

Debbie’s question got me to start wondering what our kids and others’ kids would think if they had attended the event. Would they have asked in disbelief: Are You My Mother (or Father)?


Later I texted Melissa that Rich and I “just got home from a Christmas dinner-dance, and we even danced!”

Her exact response:dance

“You danced?!?!

Both of you?!?


It was a legitimate response. Rich and I aren’t known for our gregariousness, and I think it’s been at least two decades since we last danced.

Rose, a woman who I’ve come to know through pickleball, danced nearly every song. Most often she danced with her husband Dean, but when he wanted to rest, it didn’t matter who she danced with or even if she had a partner. She was a dancing fiend the entire night long.

The funny thing was that Rose dances a lot like Elaine Benes in Seinfeld. Not quite as dramatically, but definitely to a different drummer’s beat than the rest of us. 🙂

Rose and Dean attended the dance with Delores and Tim. Rose told me the next day that until that night, Tim hadn’t danced in over 30 years.

I asked, “Well?”

She grinned as she said, “He didn’t stand a chance! I would not let him say ‘No’…”

Tim danced and danced and danced. I wondered if Tim got to dance with Dolores or if Rose monopolized him.

I also wondered if Rose’s kids ever watched her at a party and said, “Who are you and what did you do with our mother?”