Cactus 101

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Sophie and I took a little walk around the RV park yesterday, and I took pictures of the many different types of cacti growing here.

I have no idea of their names, so I’m going to make names up based on their appearance…

1. Mickey + Minnie — Notice the mouse shape on the right side.


2. Anise Seed Pod — The anise seed pod often has seven ‘arms’ just like this cactus.


3. Old Monkey Socks — These look exactly like a bunch of bleached out monkey sock dolls .


4. Ruffles — Because it has both ridges and waves.


5. Fat Wrinkles — I intend to get fatter as I get older because the fat will fill up my wrinkles.


6. Frisbee Pancakes — These are flat and damn near Frisbee-sized.


7. Artichoke — Looks ready to peel and dip into melted garlic butter.


8. Spike’s Hair — Reminds me of a 1980’s hair cut with lots of Bed Head gel holding it all in place.


9. Skinny Indian Paintbrush — Same colors as the wild flower, just skinnier.


10. Sea Anemone — Saw some of these while snorkeling in Alaska but the real ones are way more colorful.


11. Triceratops — Ever seen these dinosaurs’ scales?


12. Morphing Octopus — Number of arms can vary from one to twelve.


13. Sea Urchin — Same explanation as number 10.


14. O’ Christmas Tree — Flowers gold and silver only during December.


15. Arizona Skin — This is what all of Arizonians’ skin looks like because it’s so bloody dry here. And the red bumps are from prickly heat rash.


16. Cactus Wren — The Cactus Wren is a very pretty bird and has lots of stripes and speckles. 

17. What Are You Doing? — So named because the owner of this cactus came out and grilled me about why I was taking a picture of her home.

1211141455a18. Spaghetti Al Dente — Each arm resembles a piece of uncooked spaghetti. 
19. Sheriff Woody
 — Each arm is “Reach(ing) for the Sky” as if told to do so in Toy Story.


20. Faux Cactus — Made out of metal and artificially colored. Too perfect for nature.121114144921. Eiffel Tower — This is growing out of the roof of a park model. We drove by this for over a month before I noticed it. 

 22. Who Are Their Fathers? — All the babies look suspiciously different from the mother…