Gold Canyon, Arizona

Cloud — a visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water or various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body. (Wikipedia)


Yesterday was ever so lovely. Clouds, lots of them! All. Day. Long. And the next few days look very promising. Color me HaPpY!


As I was skipping and singing throughout the day, I was surrounded by gloomy and cold sun birds.

  • “Oh, I can’t believe it’s so cloudy!”
  • “We didn’t come here for this!”
  • “I’m freezing to death!”

It was 75 degrees, and it was the first completely cloudy day in 32 days. Yep, I’m counting. 🙂

Phoenix has an average of 211 sunny days and 85 days of partly sunny days per year for a total of nearly 300 days with significant sunshine.

In November, 83% of days are sunny. In December and January, 77%.

So by my calculation, I have a 23% chance of more cloudy days in each of the next two months. That should translate into 13+ days of heavenly clouds.


Nice. I am looking forward to them…