Take That, OCD + CRS!

Gold Canyon, Arizona

While I was in Boise, I went to our storage sheds to look for and hopefully find some things to take back to Phoenix with me.

A few of the items were for Rich, and I’m always amazed at how well be remembers where each thing is. “It’s on the third shelf on the left hand side of .   .  . and the box has green writing.”


So I found all of his items right away.

My items? Not so easy to find. We moved so fast and expected to be unpacking in a new home right away that we didn’t even label most boxes. That still works for Rich, but not so much for me.


Luckily I did eventually find my stuff.

Then it was time to lock up both storage units and drive away.

That might seem like an easy task to most people, but to those of us with OCD and CRS it’s torture.

OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder which for me manifests as checking to make sure I did something like closing and locking a door at least ten times.

Combine that with CRS, can’t remember sh*t, and you have a recipe for disaster!

But I think I found a solution! I took pictures of the closed doors with the locks in place.


Genius! Now I can confirm that all is done by looking at my phone (at least ten times).

Take that OCD and CRS!

They’re What?

Boise, Idaho

While I’m up in Boise, Rich is still down in Phoenix getting to know the neighbors better.

Our south side neighbors, Mike and Julie,  were away visiting a new grandbaby. Now they are back and have been very helpful.

The RV resort provides trash pickup twice a week which is great, but we don’t have an outside trash can to store the daily bags. So Rich was  tying a large bag up on Homer’s ladder and then putting it out for pickup on the assigned days.


But there were holes chewed into the bags, and we couldn’t figure out what caused them. All dogs are on a leash, and we never saw any cats roaming around.

One night Sophie got me up as she barked at something that was walking around outside. All I could hear was something clipping along the cement. I thought it was an animal’s toenails, but now I know it was hooves.

Rich mentioned to Mike that something tried to get into the garbage.

Mike calmly said, “That would be a javelina.”


I have heard of javelinas, but I had no clue what they looked like or where they lived. Once again, Google to the rescue…

Here are a few javelina characteristics:

  • Peppered black, gray and brown hair with a faint white collar around the shoulders
  • 40-60 pounds and about 19 inches tall
  • Young born year-round, most often from November to March
  • Live an average of 7.5 years
  • Very poor eyesight, may appear to be charging when actually trying to escape
  • Keen sense of smell
  • Eat primarily plants, including cacti, succulent plants, bulbs, tubers, beans and seeds; sometimes eat insects, garbage and grubs

Guess I’ll be a bit more careful while walking Sophie around the park at night from now on…

Oh and thankfully Mike has lent us a garbage can for the rest of our stay so the javelinas won’t be feasting on our trash. 🙂


Long Distance Mail

Boise, Idaho

So Melissa picks up our mail at least once a week at the post office. Then she calls me and we determine what’s junk and what’s important.


I pay most of our bills online but occasionally there’s a bill (or two) that needs to be paid the old fashioned way–via snail mail.


That was the case last week. So Melissa kindly boxed up a bit of mail and mailed it to us in Phoenix via Priority Mail.

We got it on Wednesday morning. I didn’t get the bills paid right away. Later Wednesday night I was booking my flight to Boise to stay with Melissa after surgery.

I made sure to pack the bills so that I could pay them while I was here in Boise.

Melissa mailed the box to us on Monday. We got it on Wednesday. It flew back with me on Thursday.

So in the course of three days, those bills traveled at least 1500 miles to get paid.

Fullscreen capture 1172014 71529 PM

Not the most effective way to pay bills, but they are finally paid…

Boat Tacos

Boise, Idaho

I’m in Boise with Melissa while she recuperates from her surgery.

My job is to monitor pain medications, clean and do yardwork, and make meals.

Tonight we had Boat Tacos. And they were yummy!


About a month ago, Rich was with his friends at the racetrack and they had set up a feast which included flour tortilla shells shaped like boats. His friends said that they had gotten them at Walmart in Winnemucca. Rich raved about how good they were and how handy they were to eat while on the run.


So we began looking for them. It was harder than you might think to find a product that you don’t know the name of. All you have in mind is the boat shape and that it’s a flour tortilla.

We looked in Utah. We looked in Colorado. We looked in Walmarts. We looked in Safeways. We looked in City Markets. All to no avail; we couldn’t find them.

Then we started looking on-line. Thank goodness for Google!

googleOnce we found out the source and saw what the packaging looked like, it was easy to find them in the store. 🙂

They are made by Old El Paso and are called Stand ‘n Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas.

1107141746Rather than making a wrap, these are the perfect size for making and taking on the go…



I was just getting ready to serve them up when I remembered that Rich had given Melissa some of his wonderful corn relish.


That made them even better!

These handy little boats are not only great for tacos; they are perfect for scrambled eggs, pulled pork, sloppy joes, and so on…

If you want to give them a try, look for them in the Mexican or Hispanic food section of your store by the salsa. They are not stocked by the flour tortillas which seems like the logical place to us and why we couldn’t find them. 🙂


Gold Canyon, Arizona

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my early morning flight to Boise.

Melissa had an emergency appendectomy last night just before midnight.

She’s doing well, and I’m going up to help her out for a few days.

She’s been feeling poorly since Sunday, running a fever and having stomach pain.

She took yesterday off from work. That’s when I knew she was really feeling awful. The last time she took a day off, her eardrum burst.

She’s one tough cookie and doesn’t like to leave her “people” with a substitute.

Her best friend Kassi was with her late yesterday afternoon and stayed with her after recovery for a few hours.

I just finished talking with Misslissa, and she’s feeling much better this morning.

Can’t wait to smother her with love!


Where Bad Teachers Go

Gold Canyon, Arizona

I went to an introductory meeting yesterday for all pickleball players at our RV Park.

There were about 40 people there including one woman who commandeered the entire meeting.


Nope, she wasn’t the president of the group. She was a past president who, apparently, didn’t like the way the current president has been doing things.

“Debbie” was unbelievable. She criticized things ad nauseum, she kept rehashing things that happened last year, and she monopolized the entire meeting.

Greg, the current president, did a great job of trying to corral Debbie, but by the end of the meeting there were nearly 40 people who wanted to strangle her.


During the meeting I leaned over to Kim (who had also had enough) and said, “I worked with Debbie’s sister at my last job…” I was kidding, of course, but I think all of us have either worked with a Debbie or been related to one usually as an in-law.  🙂

I later found out and wasn’t surprised that Debbie is a retired school teacher.

There’s something about bad teachers that stays with them throughout their lives. They don’t try to empower others; they try to micromanage them.

EPSON scanner image

And Debbie was the quintessential retired bad teacher.

So where do bad teachers go after they retire? They move on to ungreener pastures to try to micromanage new faces.

Painted Desert

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We visited the Painted Desert area last week while staying in Holbrook.

The Painted Desert is a United States desert of badlands in the Four Corners area from the Grand Canyon National Park into the Petrified Forest National Park. Much of the area within the Petrified Forest National Park is protected as the Petrified Forest National Wilderness Area. Much of the Painted Desert region is within the Navajo Nation. (From Wikipedia)

While not as colorful as South Dakota’s Badlands, the Painted Desert is very pretty.


The Painted Desert Inn is a National Historic Landmark. It once served as a trading post, inn and restaurant for travelers along the Arizona portion of historic Route 66.

Now is it used as a museum for park visitors.

It was a stunning building, but we got there at 4:01. It closes at 4:00, and like all true government employees everywhere, the park ranger closed up shop right at 4:00 on the dot. 🙂

1030141601bSo we went back and looked at the beautiful vista some more.



There’s No Place Like Home?

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We’ve been in Gold Canyon for a few days now, and we’re starting to figure it out a bit more.

I’ve taken a few pictures.

Here’s a photo of the entrance to the club house.

There’s a small nine hole golf course wrapped around the club House area. Golf carts roam the park and can be seen traveling down streets and state highways. Yes, highways…


Here are two close-ups of the clubhouse entrance.


I haven’t taken an actual count, but I think about 75% of the resort is park models. The rest are motor homes and travel trailers.

Here is a typical park model of a resident who hasn’t arrived yet. Note the covered golf cart and car protected from the harsh summer sun.1102141052And here’s an occupied park model with patio furniture and southwestern yard art.


And here’s Homer tucked in among other part-timers.



Getting around the park is getting easier, but you can see why it’s a little confusing… Two streets are named the same. 🙂


Petrified Forest

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We set aside an afternoon last week to tour Petrified Forest National Park near Holbrook.


The grasslands were once a vast floodplain crossed by lots of streams. As the trees fell, they were washed across the plains. A mix of volcanic ash, silt, and mud buried the logs and slowed the decay because the mixture prevented oxygen from reaching the logs. (Taken from the park brochure.)


All the small rocks in the foreground are the same colors as the trees, so we assumed that they are broken up parts of the trees or their limbs.
1030141419aThere are three different types of trees that were petrified. This one looks as though the bark petrified as well.

We literally walked through the logs.


The visitor center has great displays of both the logs and many of the paleontologists’ finds.
1030141431I have no clue what this is, but she must have been awesome looking and still is even millions of years later…


This poster tried to explain the petrification process to us non-science visitors.

The surrounding area is relatively flat.


Interesting to find a bit of life in such an old thing. Here’s some lichen growing on a log.


This valley is strewn with petrified logs. This area looks similar to the Badlands of North Dakota which are not as colorful as the Badlands of South Dakotata.1030141512a

Many of the trees are split in ways that look as though they’ve been cut with a chain saw.
1030141452And the best news? This is a national park that allows dogs on trails. Sophie was happy!


A New Way of Life

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We drove into Gold Canyon yesterday, to our new ‘residence’ for ten weeks.

We’re staying at Gold Canyon RV  and Golf Resort. It’s a huge resort for both RVs and park models. Park models are single wide mobile homes, most of which are added on to with patios and screened in areas.

Gold Canyon is huge. I think there are over 700 sites here. Rich and I have already gotten lost several times. Sophie’s still trying to figure out the best places to relieve herself.

We’ve already met enough people to forget most of their names. And the amazing thing is that because we’re here off-season many of the models and spaces are vacant.

A couple of quick notes:

  • My Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t work here. So we have to walk to the clubhouse to use the Internet.
  • Pickleball is gearing up and I will start playing today. People play twice a day, and some travel to neighboring communities a couple of times per week.
  • No pictures for today’s post. Too busy setting up and getting lost.
  • Because we’re here off season, we got a smoking deal: Three months for the price of one. That deal takes us through December 31. We paid extra to stay through January 15.