Burning Man vs RV Resorts

Gold Canyon, Arizona

While Carol was visiting last week, she commented several times at how living in an RV park/resort is very similar to attending Burning Man. (Learn more about Burning Man. )

Let’s take a look…

From the air, they look very similar, very structured with lots of streets.



Art cars are similar to golf carts, providing colorful transportation.

Burning Man Art Preview: Church raising and glam heels art car


Everyone decorates their place with their own personal flair.



There is lots of personal and colorful creativity and expression.


Hands of woman knitting a vintage wool quilt

And there is at least one happy hour each day although the ingredients creating the happiness are different…



6 thoughts on “Burning Man vs RV Resorts”

  1. WOW! Carol is right! I never would have put those two together.

    Kathy, you are an amazing writer and I so love this blog.

  2. Lorraine, what makes writing this blog so easy is using Google to kind just the right image to convey the thought. A picture is worth a thousand words… 🙂

  3. Don’t forget the swim noodles on the back of the golf carts. And name tags in lieu of costumes! Good times!

  4. Great comparison! I wouldn’t have made the connection, but the photos certainly do! Hope you are having fun! Miss you.

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