Beep Beep

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We went to Winco and Costco yesterday to stock up for the week and to buy a few special things for Thanksgiving.

We got to Costco at 9:59 a.m. The parking lot was nearly full even though the store didn’t open until 10:00 a.m. It is good that so many of us are stimulating the American economy… 🙂


After our groceries run, Rich took Sophie for a hike and I went for a jog. I had the best time of all three of us…

Sophie stopped walking shortly into their hike. She kept licking her lips, but Rich couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t until I got home later that we found the problem: a cacti needle stuck into her tongue. Ouch!


While Rich and Sophie were having troubles, I was enjoying a nice jog. I ran across the highway and jogged through the subdivision. There were enough trees to create a hint of shade on the roads.

The houses all look virtually the same: same stucco color, same tile roof, same landscape touch… So the only way to tell them apart is either the yard art or the contents of their garage.

20140421192029347280000000-oTowards the end of my run, I was rewarded with a roadrunner sighting!

No, not this kind of roadrunner.


This kind!

Rich really wants to see a javelina while we are here. A roadrunner was first on my wildlife wish list. Color me bird happy!

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  1. Sophie’s better, Lorraine. The problem is she doesn’t cry out, so it’s hard to tell how hurt sure is. She just sits and waits for us to figure out what’s wrong. I’ve only heard her yelp in pain six times when though she’s had some amazing owies….

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