Patio Sale

Gold Canyon, Arizona

Our RV resort held a patio sale yesterday. Residents could sign up to sell items from their RV spot or patio home

I signed up to sell felted soap, so I got a front row seat to the craziness.

Think of a cross between garage sale and Halloween on steroids.

Transportation varied from golf carts to bicycles to cars. Oh, and the occasional pedestrian.


Late Friday afternoon, early lookie loos wandered around the park scoping out the hot spots so they could be first in line in the morning.

The sale started promptly at seven. Why seven you might ask? Because the sun wasn’t up at six. 🙂


Husbands and wives often split up. One would drive to one end of the street and park while the other would walk along slowly and look. Reminded me of Halloween because that’s exactly what I did with my kids.

The other day I heard about a drive-by funeral home. This patio sale was a drive-by sale. I lost count of the number of cars that slowly drove about five mph and about five feet from my table.


I would say “Good morning.” The husband would say, “It’s soap.” The wife would shake her head, and they would drive away never even acknowledging my greeting let alone making eye contact. It was like they thought being in their car made them invisibile to me.

The good news is that I did sell some soap. And the better news is that the morning provided some of the best people watching moments ever!