Old Couples

Boise, Idaho

I was sitting in the Boise Airport yesterday waiting for my flight to Las Vegas to visit with Carol. Within ten feet of me there were two couples who are in their late seventies.

Oh my goodness! There’s something so special about couples who have been together over three decades. And come to think of it, Carol and I are a couple who have been together for almost six decades. 🙂


There’s a succinctness in dialogue spoken in front of others that’s usually not there when they are alone.

Dialogue is  often missing words and even whole sentences. and yet each understands what the other is conveying perfectly.

Another phenomenon that I’ve noticed with couples who have been together for many, many years is that they often talk like there is no one else listening to their conversation regardless if there are two or twenty people in the same room.

So in addition to being succinct they also tend to say exactly what they want with no filter.

Carol and used to talk a lot like that when we double dated. One would start a sentence and the other would halfway finish it. There was no reason to completely finish it because each of us knew what was unsaid. Used to drive our dates nuts!


My favorite story showing old couple communication involved Rich’s aunt and uncle Sis and Howard Winder. Howard rarely went to Reno, so he hadn’t seen his son James for a while. On a trip from their home in Fallon to see doctors in Reno, Sis and How stopped by to see James at his new home.

Howard was a dyed in the wool cattle rancher–cowboy hat and boots and silver buckle on a hand told leather belt.

James is a sophisticated doctor who is now a university professor.

They were very different, but their love for each other knew no bounds.

Howard stepped out of the pickup, looked at James, and said to Sis (as only someone who’s been married over 40 years would), “Jeeeesus Chriiiiist! He’s got a pony tail!”

I don’t think that it ever occurred to Howard that James could hear his comment just as Sis did…


(This picture isn’t of James; it’s just to show a man’s ponytail…)

James didn’t take offense. He just giggled when he told me the story.