Aaahhhhh vs Oh!

Boise, Idaho

Sophie gets lots of petting from random strangers whenever we are at traditional tourist stops. Most tourists don’t take their dogs, and they are in need of a petting fix.

Doesn’t matter if she’s soaking wet, covered with stickers, or jumping into their laps. They just want to pet a dog. Any dog.


That’s perfectly fine for Sophie. She’s more than happy to stand in as a substitute for their dogs. I can almost hear those petting her say, “Aaahhhhh!”, as they think of their dogs at home…

While we were in Yellowstone, we joined a crowd looking for wolves. A young twenty-something who works for the Yellowstone Association came up and asked she if she could pet Sophie.


While everyone else was searching for the wolves, she had made a beeline for us. As she was bending down to pet Sophie,  the young woman asked if she was a Welsh Terrier.


Her parents had just had their Welshie put down at the ripe old age of sixteen.

The minute she laid her hands on Sophie, she said, ” Oh!” Short and forceful, like she had just put her hands into something disgusting in a pitch black Halloween haunted house.

She looked up at me and exclaimed, “She doesn’t feel like Jack!”

I calmly explained that Sophie’s about 10% overweight. We’re working on it, but living in a motor home and traveling through biblical amounts of rain have cut down on her exercise…


The young woman continued to pet Sophie a couple more minutes, but her heart wasn’t in it. She never did let out an, “Aaahhhhh!”

But Sophie did… 🙂