Traveling with Pets

Sheridan, Wyoming

We traveled from Wall, South Dakota, to Sheridan, Wyoming, yesterday.

It’s a 300 mile drive. We initially hadn’t planned to travel that far, but the expected storm stalled a bit so it was better to go farther now.

Normally we don’t go much more than 225 miles,  and Sophie seemed to somehow know that we were traveling a longer distance because she was a pain for most of the day.


I thought I would take today to blog a bit about traveling with pets since we didn’t do much but drive…

On our travels we have seen and met lots of people traveling with their pets.

Some travel with several cats. More and more cat owners walk their cats on a leash. The cats seem to enjoy it. 🙂


Recently we saw a couple with seven West Highland Terriers. I have no idea how they tell them apart! They looked like clones of one another.

images (4)

And we met a man with a cockatiel that sat on his shoulder for strolls around the RV park several times per day. I think the owner enjoyed the walks more than the bird; the bird continually said, “Night,  night.” That’s what he said when he wanted to go to his cage and have his cover put over his cage.


Traveling with Fido, Fluffy, or Polly can be both a blessing and a curse, often within the same hour.

Sophie has traveled with us constantly. I can count on two hands how seldom Sophie has been left home alone for more than an hour.

She does fine and probably enjoys her alone time. I know I enjoy mine.  🙂

Sophie is a blessing because she is fun. She has a joie de vivre that’s contagious. Everything is exciting and fun.

She often ‘sings’ when she’s super excited. It’s rewarding when she does it as we return to see her.

She’s also very loving and as much of a hugger as a dog can be.


She’s also kept us on a better diet. Her constant presence keeps us from snacking. (If I were a truck driver, I would with 500 pounds because I love to eat as I travel.)

But there are some downsides.

Traveling with a pet can be limiting especially in the summer heat.

Also, their restroom schedule often doesn’t sync with their owners’.

My nickname for Sophie is “Stinky Butt”. It’s a name that fits because she toots a lot!

Sophie’s not the friendliest dog to other dogs, so we constantly have to watch her. She’s a bit of a bully to smaller dogs.  I don’t even try anymore. When another owner says, “My dog’s super friendly!” with a huge smile. I quickly day, “Mine’s not.” They run away quickly unless they are terrier owners; they just giggle because their dogs aren’t that friendly either.

All in all, I’m very happy that Sophie’s along, but I’m also happy we’re heading into cooler weather where she can stay in the Jeep a bit more often…