Technologically Deprived

Livingston, Montana

OK. I will be the first to admit it. I’m cranky and crabby! download (10)” Why?” you ask.

I am sick (and tired) of not having decent Internet and/or cell service that supports my Internet cravings…

Yes, this is a First World Problem, and I am very thankful that I live in a first world country where my problems are so trivial.

But I’m still cranky because I’m technologically deprived.

I have talked with other travelers and they confirm my findings. More and more RV parks are advertising their sites as having Free WiFi, but what they truthfully should advertise is that  they have one or two Free WiFi hot spots.

I’m fine with hot spots for a few days, but it feels like I haven’t had decent Internet for almost month.

This is how desperate I’ve become… can’t believe I did this, but I picked one of the places I booked for the end of August specifically because they say they have Verizon 4G throughout their entire park.

I’m going to be in technology heaven while we are there.

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