Effective Deterrent?

Boise, ID

The RV park we’re in right now is ‘nice’, but there’s lot of people going in and out all the time.

So we are locking the doors and chaining the bikes.

We only have one chain, and it’s not very long. Way too short to go around the frames of the bikes and attach to the table.

Rich got creative and chained the back tire from one bike to the front tire of the other bike.


If thieves remove the tires and take the bikes with the remaining two tires, they will only get one complete bike once they combine parts.

He hopes they are smart enough to figure that out and leave our cheap battered bikes alone.

2 thoughts on “Effective Deterrent?”

  1. When I was working during my noon hour years ago I rode by bicycle to Hastings by Apple Street. When I came out someone stole my seat. Can you believe that? At least Sports Authority was still there and I went and bought another seat. Maybe your seats don’t come off. My dad always used to say “locking stuff keeps the honest man honest”. I never forget that. Richie is very creative and so are you.

    1. Finally figured out how to post a reply…

      Can’t believe someone stole your seat! How rude.

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