Deer Neener Neener

Libby, MT

We’re in Libby, Montana.

It’s gorgeous here. Of course, because it’s cloudy, I’m even more awed by its beauty.

I went for a jog and one of the locals told me about a paved trail. “Go down this street, climb through the hole in the fence by the high school, and turn right. You can’t miss it.”

Always up for an adventure, Sophie and I took off. Just before we stepped through the fence hole, I looked up to see a small spike buck whose antlers were in the velvet. We were maybe eight feet apart… ¬†just staring at each other. Finally, he sauntered off into the thicket. whitetailspikebuck Sophie and I continued on the trail and came across a doe and her fawn. They were quite skittish and bounded off once they saw us.

I wasn’t sure how long the trail was or where it went. A few young boys were fishing in the creek. I asked about the trail: Did it go much farther?” One answered, “It goes down to Lakewood Drive, and then it continues past the elementary school.” I said “I not from there, but I take it that means Yes.” The boys all snickered, and I continued down the trail.

I then jogged around a turn and came upon a spike deer who was hanging out by the elementary school. There was a five and a half foot fence along the path. I stopped jogging immediately,¬†and we were about 10 feet apart. He calmly sailed over the fence like it was only two very high! DSC05232-doe jumping fence-L It felt like a neener neener moment with the buck saying, “I can do this and you sure as heck can’t.”

And he is right!

PS None of these pictures are mine. I didn’t have my phone while jogging.