Kermit’s Wisdom

Mineral, WA

“You learn a lot about someone during a road trip.” Kermit the Frog

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I always knew that Rich was smart. He’s one of the smartest people I know.

He’s also very talented and can fix almost anything.

Those are good skills to have when you own a motor home. There’s always something to fix or make better.

For example, Rich just swapped the switches for the engine break and the mirror heaters. Turning the engine break off and on required a huge reach. Turning the motor heaters on is near the armrest. Didn’t make sense because drivers use the engine breaks way more often.

I have been amazed at how well he drives and operates all of Homer’s mechanics and electronics. I have also been amazed at how much and how deeply he read the manuals.

So those are some new things I’ve learned about him. 

But there’s one more thing I learned that really surprised me…

We were watching TV and a commercial for bras came on. The sizes went from 32 AAA to 48G.

We, of course, discussed how large a 42G is. (Obviously something I find hard to imagine… Not the 42 part but the G part.) That led to a discussion of how to measure bra sizes.

Rich shocked me when he knew that cup size is measured over the boobs and uses a calculation between that and another measurement. I had no idea that he had any clue about the complexity of women’s undergarments!

Kermit is correct. You certainly can learn a lot about someone on a road trip. 🙂