My Next Line of Work

Netarts, Oregon

I’m very fortunate to be on faux retirement for a few years.

I quit work based on Rich’s grandmother’s philosophy that retirement is wasted on the old. Gram believed that people should play when they are younger and work when they are older…

I fully intend to go back to work after we are done traveling, but I have no intention to go back to my previous line of work.

The thought of designing and creating a Web site for a professor who then complains that Google doesn’t find the site five minutes after I finished coding it makes me want to run screaming into oblivion.

Today I’m happy to report that I found my dream job: cheese factory worker at Tillamook County Creamery Association in Tillamook, Oregon.


I want to do the same thing over and over again every day with no surprise (or dumb) questions, particularly from professors…



Netarts, Oregon

If you’re like me, you have something in your life that fills you full of awe.

During those awe-filled moments, time is suspended and cares float away. You are totally in the moment.

Maybe it’s a special song, a painting, a scent, or an activity.  Maybe you’re like me and have more than one, but there’s usually one thing that brings the highest level of awe.

Metolius River

For me, that’s trail running along a river in and among pine trees. It’s the closest I come to nirvana. And yesterday’s jaunt along the Metolius River in central Oregon was awe-some!

Wishing you sublime moments of awe throughout each and every day.


Views + Visions

Sisters, Oregon

We drove over the McKenzie Pass near Sisters, Oregon, today.

It goes over a stunning lava field that covers over 20 square miles. At one point we were driving through walls of lava. The summit stands at 5325 feet, and it offers amazing views of both the fields and the surrounding mountain peaks.

McKenzie Pass

Granted the picture above doesn’t look like much, but just imagine lava as far as you can see… Still doesn’t look like much? Now envision it fiery hot and brilliant red as it was 1500 years ago!

There’s an observatory at the summit that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression and named after the job construction foreman Dee Wright.

It’s made from the lava rock and surprisingly detailed and precise.


Aside from the natural beauty of the observatory, what I liked most about it was the vision of the builders to realize what future visitors would want to know.

Built into the walls are view windows for each of the Cascade peaks with signs stating the name, elevation, and distance.

In essence they provided all of us visitors with the answers to our Google search…

All Beginnings are Hard

Sisters, Oregon

I collect quotes.

Strange hobby, I know, but it’s something I like to do.

One of my favorites is the first line in Chaim Potek’s wonderful book The Chosen: “All beginnings are hard.”

Rich and I have begun a new journey. It is more than a new chapter in our lives. It is actually more like we are beginning a new book.

The Beginning

We bought a motor home and will be full-timers for a while. Egads! Even just writing it takes my breath away.


This is such a change from our pre-62 and 57 (respectively) year lives.

And the journey to get to this new beginning has been full of Cosmic Kicks – life’s way of altering our courses of action. Those cosmic kicks can be either boots on our behinds or planets aligning to support a change.

One of my new beginnings is to pay more attention to and act upon those cosmic kicks. They will always lead us on the right path.