My Next Line of Work

Netarts, Oregon

I’m very fortunate to be on faux retirement for a few years.

I quit work┬ábased on Rich’s grandmother’s philosophy that retirement is wasted on the old. Gram believed that people should play when they are younger and work when they are older…

I fully intend to go back to work after we are done traveling, but I have no intention to go back to my previous line of work.

The thought of designing and creating a Web site for a professor who then complains that Google doesn’t find the site five minutes after I finished coding it makes me want to run screaming into oblivion.

Today I’m happy to report that I found my dream job: cheese factory worker at Tillamook County Creamery Association in Tillamook, Oregon.


I want to do the same thing over and over again every day with no surprise (or dumb) questions, particularly from professors…


4 thoughts on “My Next Line of Work”

    1. Carol, techno idiot here just figured out how to reply.

      Didn’t we used to wear hair nets for horse shows?

  1. LOVE the blog, Kathy, and can’t wait to read more about your travels. (Great comment, Carol!)

    In reading about your desire to run screaming into oblivion, I’ll mention that I just read Julie Zickefoose’s blog, and she mentioned that she has a friend who said (and I’m paraphrasing, roughly), “I run until I no longer want to stab people, and then I run some more.” That person must have written code for some professor, somewhere!

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