There’s No Place Like Home

Troutdale, OR

It’s interesting how slowly we are coming to grips with our life changes.

When I first looked at the forecast for the days we would be At Fort Stevens, I was bummed by all the forecasted heavy rain. So I immediately thought thatĀ if it was too bad, we could just go home early.

Took me a few minutes to realize that I WAS home. Home is now the motor home.


So then I stated thinking about what home feels like. What was it about wanting to go home that I wasn’t getting from the motor home.

Home feels safe. Home has my stuff in it. And home has my signature on it. People who know me could walk into and would know that “This one’s Kathy’s.”

We’re trying to not take too much stuff as we travel so that we don’t feel crowded. But I’ve realized that I need to get a few things out of storage while we’re back in Boise next week to make myself feel more at home.