All Beginnings are Hard

Sisters, Oregon

I collect quotes.

Strange hobby, I know, but it’s something I like to do.

One of my favorites is the first line in Chaim Potek’s wonderful book The Chosen: “All beginnings are hard.”

Rich and I have begun a new journey. It is more than a new chapter in our lives. It is actually more like we are beginning a new book.

The Beginning

We bought a motor home and will be full-timers for a while. Egads! Even just writing it takes my breath away.


This is such a change from our pre-62 and 57 (respectively) year lives.

And the journey to get to this new beginning has been full of Cosmic Kicks – life’s way of altering our courses of action. Those cosmic kicks can be either boots on our behinds or planets aligning to support a change.

One of my new beginnings is to pay more attention to and act upon those cosmic kicks. They will always lead us on the right path.